Now Wait a Minute 

When they talk of You, I get so confused.

Are You just a slogan like they seem to say?

I can hear the angels singing incantation

Remembering Your beauty, but in another way.

Now wait a minute-aren’t You the majestic,

Slow to anger, all-loving, Creator of rivers?

Of eyes and ears, of angels,

Of smiles and years of birth,

And life and peace and joy and patience?

Of kindness, heavens above,

Of birth, healing and love,

Of faith, hope and charity?

And when I think of You,

There is so much more of You.

It’s like the wind and time when I try to figure out;

When I try to box them in, I find the wind doesn’t stop.

Time leaves while I watch.

Like a float in my parade,

You’ve moved through my masquerade.

I have seen a limit to knowledge

And I have seen a limit to strength,

And I have seen a limit to beauty,

But the Source is like an endless river.

Now wait a minute-aren’t You....still much more than this?