Peter on the Water

Living Saints Thank You for the Day Whiskey Island

I sailed my ship on rough waters,

Waives came up, I nearly drowned.

Listen now ye son's and daughters

Here my story, gather round.

Like Peter on the water,

I gave into my fears but in the fog and darkness;

The lighthouse was there,

But then the Red Sea parted.

I crossed on dry land,

But all along the way I felt Jesus’ hand.

As the floods of life descended, I felt like Noah and the Ark.

Grace and faith abounded, but still I missed the mark.

Like Jonah and the whale,

I'm sure you heard the story.

But if it wasn't for that second chance

There would be no rainbow glory.

When I reached the dry valley,

Springs started flowing,

'Cause even in the desert,

Faith has a way of showing.

You can come to the water

When your dying of thirst.

And I can't remember

If I was last or I'm first.

It started with the water,

When I was baptized,

But most the time

I've spent swimming against the tide.

Now you've heard my tale,

All ye sons and daughters

Come drink freely

Of the Life giving water.